greasy pole

greasy pole
Greasy pole
(UK) The greasy pole is the difficult route to the top of politics, business, etc.

The small dictionary of idiomes. 2014.

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  • Greasy pole — For the Yes Minister episode, see The Greasy Pole. Greasy pole or grease pole refers to a pole that has been made slippery and thus difficult to grip. More specifically, it is the name of several events that involve staying on, climbing up,… …   Wikipedia

  • greasy pole — noun a pole covered with grease, especially as climbed or walked along for entertainment. ↘informal the difficult route to the top of a profession …   English new terms dictionary

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  • (the) greasy pole — British & Australian the attempt to improve your position at work. His ascent up the greasy pole of academic advancement was remarkably quick …   New idioms dictionary

  • climb the greasy pole — Advance within an organisation especially in politics …   The small dictionary of idiomes

  • (the) greasy pole — the greasy ˈpole idiom (informal) used to refer to the difficult way to the top of a profession Main entry: ↑greasyidiom …   Useful english dictionary

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  • greased pole — noun or greasy pole : a pole smeared with grease and erected vertically for a climbing contest or horizontally for a walking contest …   Useful english dictionary

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